The Life of the Mind, by Christine Smallwood

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Praise for The Life of the Mind 

“A jewel of a debut novel.” —Jia Tolentino

“Christine Smallwood’s debut novel is that rare thing: an intellectual page-turner that commands one’s attention completely from the first sentence to the final line.” —Andrew Martin

“I loved this novel for illuminating how the stories we tell ourselves are such cozy cousins with the clever lies we tell ourselves. But also I loved this novel because it was very, very, very fun to read. The Life of the Mind is hilarious, recognizable, and helplessly wise—a perfect foil for its namesake.” —Rivka Galchen

The Life of the Mind is brilliant and pleasurable, funny and dark, cerebral and visceral—a must-read for the bleeding human survivors of the modern age.” —Melissa Broder
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