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Please send any questions about orders and subscriptions to If possible, include in your query the date you placed the order, the names of the items, and your name and address.

Subscriptions are processed in-house, so everything is done by hand by a dedicated team of staff members and volunteers. As an independent publisher, we’re not outsourcing anything. Please bear with us! We do our best to provide the best service we can. When you do have trouble, there’s a real person (in Brooklyn) on the other end of your emails, happy to make things right.

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Where is my issue? / Why haven’t I received my order yet? 

Domestic orders can take up to two weeks to arrive, and overseas orders up to six weeks. If you need your order right away, please select Priority or Express shipping. If it's been too long since you placed your order, please let us know!

Where is my digital issue? / How do I download my digital issue?

When you purchase a digital issue, an email—with a link to download your digital issue—automatically is sent to the email address you provided. If that email address is outdated or the link already expired, let us know and we can resend the email.

How much does international shipping cost? Do you ship to _____?

We can ship n+1 anywhere. Issues are usually around 12 oz, sent abroad via First Class International mail, in large envelopes. A single issue sent to Canada or elsewhere internationally costs $22, so our shipping prices for subscriptions reflect those costs, with a small discount. For more information on international shipping rates, you can walk through checkout to your view shipping total (this can be done without placing a final order), or calculate postage at International customers may be charged duties by their local customs office.

How do I order a gift?

Add the book or item to your Shopping Cart and write the gift recipient’s name, address, and email address in the “Special Instructions” box. Our subscriptions team will know what to do.

I want to buy a gift for a friend who lives abroad, but I’m encountering problems.

The system sometimes has trouble processing a U.S. billing address with an international shipping address. Write with the gift recipient’s name, address, and email, and we’ll charge you directly through PayPal for the cost of the item and shipping.

Shopify used my shipping address as my billing address, which is incorrect. How do I change it?

As long as we have your correct Shipping Address, there are no problems on our end.

Ugh, this website isn’t working for me—can I send you a check instead?

Yes, easy enough!  Please make the check payable to n+1 Foundation and send to:

37 Greenpoint Ave #316
Brooklyn, NY 11222

My book arrived damaged. Can I send it back and receive another one?

Yes, if your issue was mangled by shipping and handling, we can send a new copy.  If your issue was destroyed while you were reading it by a cat, dog, or inclement weather, our sincere apologies.

Can I switch my print subscription to digital?


Can I get a review copy of ____?

Yes, write

I forgot to put in my discount code. Can I get 20% back?

Yes, if the deal is still active, we'll send a refund.

I am a lifetime subscriber but just got an email saying my sub is expiring? / I know I renewed my subscription recently but I just got an email saying my sub expired?

Your subscription hasn’t expired! Most likely, there is an error on our end or your email address is kicking around on the wrong mailing list. Let us know and we'll find the problem.

I have emailed subscriptions multiple times and not received any response. What's going on?

A dedicated team of staff members, volunteers, and interns process all n+1 subscriptions and orders in-house, so we appreciate your patience. We do our best to answer all emails promptly, but certain times of year—especially around issue releases—are particularly hectic.