Terminalia, by Daniel Menaker


Out in October
Available now for preorder

A collection of poems by author Daniel Menaker, published by The Portal Press. 

“The precision and the clarity of these poems are testimony to our belief that the spirit and the word are indomitable and they outlast the flesh.”
—Abraham Verghese

 “An aching, compelling, irresistible read.”
—Jennifer Egan 

“Instead of offering the reflective calm of a memoir or the drama of a cancer survivor’s story, Menaker uses vigorous language, unsettled forms, and a restless voice to lead us urgently into the actual experience of the disease and its treatment. The reader will come away linguistically stimulated and emotionally gripped.”
—Billy Collins

“The poems are achingly beautiful; they are like surgical probes sent into the brain and the heart.”
—Siddhartha Mukherjee

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