No Regrets

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A follow-up to n+1s 2007 pamphlet What We Should Have Known, No Regrets talks to twelve writers, editors, academics, and artists about life and reading in their early twenties. 

Featuring Elif Batuman, Carla Blumenkranz, Kristin Dombek, Emily Gould, Elizabeth Gumport, Amanda Katz, Sara Marcus, Dawn Lundy Martin, Sarah Resnick, Namara Smith, Astra Taylor, and Emily Witt. Edited by Dayna Tortorici. 

Praise for No Regrets:

“At once intimate and erudite.” —NPR

“I loved No Regrets. —Mimi Dwyer, The New Republic

“A fascinating exploration of the development of female readers, from their disillusionment with manly canonical works to their discovery of books that speak to a female experience and toward a complicated understanding of how both sexist and feminist works have influenced their view of the world.” —Slate

If No Regrets makes it all right for even one young woman to admit that Kerouac gives her a headache, it’s doing the Lord’s work.” —Sady Doyle, In These Times

From the book:

“I had a serious crush on a guy who said that Sexus, Plexus, and Nexus were the best books ever, so I went to a bookstore, and they were too expensive, so I just got Sexus and Plexus.”

"One lesson I can share from life is that you should let certain things go unattended to—prioritize and let yourself be, for example, messy. The work is more important than the dirty dishes."

Published December 2013
140 pages
Perfect bound, 7 x 4"

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