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Each year, n+1 awards the n+1 Writers’ Fellowship to honor an author who has contributed significantly to the foundation's projects. This set collects three books from the award's first three honorees: 2015's winner, Kristin Dombek; 2016's Philip Connors; and 2017's, Bela Shayevich, who co-edited Victoria Lomasko’s book Other Russias, which we published this past March.

In The Selfishness of Others, Kristin Dombek provides a clear-sighted account of how narcissism, or NPD (narcissistic personality disorder) evolved from a rare clinical diagnosis to a fluid cultural phenomenon, a repository for our deepest fears about love, friendship, and family. 

All the Wrong Places by Philip Connors is a searingly honest account of the aftermath of his brother's shocking death, exploring both the pathos and the unlikely humor of a life unmoored by loss.

Other Russias is the brilliant first collection of graphic journalism by artist and activist Victoria Lomasko. A fixture at Moscow’s protests and political trials, Lomasko illuminates the inequality and injustice at the heart of contemporary Russian society and gives voice to Russia’s many voiceless citizens. 

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