Homeland, by Richard Beck

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Praise for Homeland

“Homeland describes, with a beguiling mix of intellectual precision and passion, and from a novel perspective, the sinister mutations in American life induced by the war on terror. Everyone interested in the fate of democracy, or simply how violence abroad comes home, should read it.”—Pankaj Mishra

Homeland is an immersive plunge into the icy tub of 21st century American history as we’ve lived it so far. Beck puts the reader so deep in the action that you can hear the ‘U-S-A!’ chants. Chilling.”—Malcolm Harris

“Richard Beck, like many people alive today, has spent his adult life living in the shadow of 9/11, and Homeland is a devastating inquiry into the new world that day created. Many books have been written about Washington’s catastrophic response to the terrorists’ attacks. Beck is no less damning, but he is quieter, taking his time to tease out how endless war, moral cowardliness, and historical illiteracy have clotted the capillaries of our intellectual and ethical life. Homeland is among the best books I’ve yet read on the afterlives of 9/11.”—Greg Grandin

592 pages.

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