Health and Safety, by Emily Witt

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Praise for Health and Safety

“No one writes about contemporary American life—about drugs, sex, dating, madness—with as hard an edge as Emily Witt. Health and Safety is a masterpiece of observation and analysis. Read it if you can.”—Keith Gessen

“I found myself deeply jealous of Emily Witt. Why didn’t I spend the last 8 years dancing myself into an alternate, psychedelic universe? It seems after all to be the only sensible response to the fractured disaster that is the contemporary world. Witt, with a gimlet eye and a voice that never shies away from the truth, no matter how uncomfortable it makes us, offers a tour of the years that begin with the surreal catastrophe of the 2016 election and through the Covid years and the murder of George Floyd, giving me insight to a time that all too often feels like a nightmare that has, like all dreams, begun to fade from memory. This remarkable book didn’t just allow me to relive that time, but helped me to understand it.”—Ayelet Waldman

272 pages.

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