Rejection, by Tony Tulathimutte

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Praise for Rejection

Rejection is unrelentingly brutal and gut-bustingly funny and spares no one—not you, not me. Tulathimutte is a pervert and a madman and a stone-cold genius.—Carmen Maria Machado

Tulathimutte is utterly inimitable. Rejection is fast and funny, a delirious convergence of the haptic and uncanny. Raven Leilani

I could compare Rejection to the work of Nabokov, in its stylish and blazingly original skewering of convention; or to that of Roth, in the daring with which it plumbs the darkest depths of the human psyche to excavate what is most vulnerable about us; or to the worst (by which I mean best) Am I the Asshole post you’ve ever read on Reddit, in its commitment to embodying its characters at their neediest and most candid and therefore most delectable. But to do so would be to sell it short. I finished Rejection breathless with admiration. It is — Tulathimutte is — that rare thing in American literature: truly original.Vauhini Vara

272 pages.

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