Track Changes: A Handbook for Art Criticism

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Edited by Mira Dayal and Josephine Heston

Critics who prioritize social, ideological, or political concerns are often admonished for “having an agenda.” But judgments are never neutral, and writers who articulate their commitments can productively heighten the stakes and impact of criticism.

In Track Changes: A Handbook for Art Criticism, twenty-five art writers and editors share strategies for critical writing and editing that encourage solidarity and reparative decision-making to actively challenge structural inequalities within the art world.

This collection begins with a practical overview of the editorial process, followed by case studies, conversations, manifestos, and reflections on technical and ethical choices. Track Changes is a rigorous and supportive guide to art criticism—a mentor in book form.

Release Date: August 29, 2023
Perfect bound, 5 1/4 x 8 1/2".

With contributions by: Kemi Adeyemi, Andy Campbell, Erica Cardwell, Re’al Christian, Aruna D’Souza, Leslie Dick, Amy Fung, Merray Gerges, Annie Godfrey Larmon, Ariel Goldberg, Yves Jeffcoat, Dana Kopel, Yaniya Lee, Dessane Lopez Cassell, Jessica Lynne, Tausif Noor, Ashley Stull Meyers, Lindsay Preston Zappas, Kristina Kay Robinson, Jillian Steinhauer, Ana Tuazon, Monica Uszerowicz, Wendy Vogel, Emily Watlington, Elisa Wouk Almino.

Read excerpts from the book published by n+1, Literary Hub, and Burnaway.

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Praise for Track Changes:

"A timely and incisive instruction on art criticism today that both broadens the scope of who should be represented and at the same time challenges the tradition of criticism in a moment where equity in the field and the future of art remains a work-in-progress." —Legacy Russell

"There are a few books at the top of my reading list for next year. I’ve already preordered n+1’s Track Changes: A Handbook for Art Criticism, edited by Mira Dayal and Josephine Heston. This no doubt illuminating book will feature essays by some of frieze’s contributing writers, including Erica Cardwell, Aruna D’Souza, Jessica Lynne and Tausif Noor.” —Terence Trouillot, Senior Editor at Frieze

"A magazine’s job is to do language—to make room for the multiplicity of language and to multiply discourses. We are trying to 'track changes,' as our current favorite Handbook for Art Criticism invites editors and writers to do, by questioning which agendas they operate under, and in accordance with which forms of solidarity, thereby expanding 'who holds the power to tell stories, examining whose stories we tell, and sharing how we tell those stories.'" —Mousse Magazine

"When you truly love something, you want it to flourish, and that necessitates both nurturance and truth. In Track Changes: A Handbook for Art Criticism, editors Mira Dayal and Josephine Heston have compiled a set of essays and conversations that are rigorously honest about this and similar struggles writers face. Although Track Changes is ostensibly a guide for writing art criticism in general, it functions more as a wide-ranging set of reflections on how contemporary critics endeavor to balance political solidarity, pressing social concerns, and their own professional accountability."—Alisia Grace Chase

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