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Issue 1: Negation
Unbelievably, n+1 is ten years old. That makes it a good time to revisit, or visit for the first time, our very first issue. Which boasts one of the best Intellectual Situations we’ve produced, one of the most important and original essays we’ve published—Mark Greif’s “Against Exercise”—and one of Keith Gessen’s best reported pieces, whether in The New Yorker or elsewhere: “Eggers, Teen Idol.” The pieces on Palestine and Russia are also sadly topical ten years on. Speaking of the passage of time, I realized the other day that my short story in issue 1 is like Fleetwood Mac’s “Landslide”: “I climbed a mountain and I turned around.”

Issue 8: Recessional
This is one of my favorite issues, even if it weren’t for its role in the relaunch of Marxism that's gone on in recent years. Marco Roth’s essay on “the neuronovel” is for my money one of the great pieces of literary criticism of the past decade or so. Philip Connors’ “So Little to Remember” is something you will never forget reading. Eli S. Evan’s has some very funny things to say about Chris Kraus’s novel “I Love Dick,” and here is the first essay in n+1 from Emily Witt, who in recent years has become an important reporter on the frontiers of 21st century sexuality. And the short stories in this issue—by Imraan Coovadia (South Africa) and Juan Villoro (Mexico)—are darker and more powerful than what you’ll find in other magazines’ summer fiction issues.

Buzz: A Play by Benjamin Kunkel
What can I say? I think this play about love and global warming may be the best thing I’ve written. So naturally I think you should read it. Besides, it’s funny.

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