Utopia in Our Time! 2015


Sold Out

For the first time in years, the classic n+1 Utopia in Our Time! print is available again. Originally created by n+1's designer of ten years Dan O. Williams, we have teamed up with Exhibition A and screen printer Stefan Gunn to create a very limited new edition. This 2015 version features the exact same design as the original, but in a slightly modified red color.

Dan O. Williams, the print's designer, describes his vision:

Utopian dreams had become passé, but the idea of striving toward utopian goals shouldn’t be subject to the fashion cycle. Mark Greif, one of n+1’s editors, had a vision of wheatpasting New York with the sort of strident, earnest posters that might have been made in the civil rights era — or perhaps as a beacon from an alternate reality where utopian dreams of improving society actually became generations of radical change instead of a hokey throwback to hippie decadence. I was on the fence about the dolphins, thinking them too insincere, but I am coming around. Post-boomer irony was a disappointment in the fallen ideals of the world our parents left us, but it’s possible that even the most ripe irony targets (hang-in-there kittythree howling wolvesleaping silver dolphinsdoe-eyed kewpies) hold within them the dream of sincerity. Just as there are no ironic orgasms, utopia continues to assert its uncool power. 

  • Only ten prints available
  • Single color screenprint on 110lb white paper, 16" x 24"
  • Comes mailed flat and unframed
  • Produced by n+1 and Exhibition A
  • Screen printed by Stefan Gunn

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