Buzz: A Play by Benjamin Kunkel


Sold Out

A new play and story by Benjamin Kunkel, founding editor of n+1 and author of Indecision and Utopia or Bust

"I found this person to talk to. My husband. Not that we're legally—but dude knocked me up, we share a roof, a bed, I feel entitled to call him, when I'm talking to myself, my husband. I mean fucking and talking, that's what love is. But sometimes I want to talk to my husband about my husband without having to talk with him."

"Won’t they need art, in the future? Maybe they’ll have forgotten how to mix oil paints, they’ve forgotten musical notation, nobody’s even heard of digital video. But maybe it occurs to them you could put a few people—person like you, person like me—in front of a larger group of people, and they could speak."

Published May 2014
111 pages
Perfect bound, 7 x 4"

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